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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I have to pay any money upfront?

We ask for a 40% deposit including VAT payable at the time of placing your order. This enables us to buy all the materials and have bespoke items such as the windows manufactured ready to install, and matching bricks delivered to site. As these can't be used elsewhere, the deposit covers their cost and confirms your build slot within our calendar.

Requests for conversions during school holidays is high and we are often unable to fit everyone in. Booking a build slot during these periods should be done well in advance.

All deposits  paid to us are protected & guaranteed by Home Pro Insurance which fully protects all of the money you pay to us.

Q When is the balance payable?

The other 60% is due once the work is completed and we're finished.  .

Q Do I have to sign a contract?

We use a simple plain English order form which simply sets out all the things we will do, when, at what fixed price and the details of how to pay us.

Q What sort of Guarantee do I get?

We believe The Best in the Market!  All our materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed for 10 years from completion which is detailed in your paperwork.

Q What happens if our Company goes bust?

Your initial deposit is covered by our deposit protection insurance, so that is never at risk. We dont get paid any further money until the project is completed so you have no risk of paying money and not getting the work done.

Our 10 year guarantee remains valid no matter what because it is underwritten by Home Pro Insurance. In the event we did cease trading, they pick up the outstanding period of guarantee and complete any works that are required using alternative contractors. A copy of our membership and details of the scheme is supplied with our quote so you can be confident you’re covered in any eventuality.

Q When can you start our conversion?

We offer a genuinely unique service and were always booked up well ahead. Generally you should allow 8-10 weeks from booking to our starting date. School holiday periods where we undertake work whilst customers are on holiday need 12-16 weeks notice.

Q Do I have to have the Council involved?

The truth is, It’s your house and you don’t have to do anything! However, structural alterations to any house are legally notifiable to the Council and should be inspected to ensure the resultant work is safe.Therefore, we will politely decline to do any structural work where the Council are not going to inspect it. The basis of our guarantee is that the work is independantly inspected by building control. This offers the greatest element of peace of mind to our customers.  You should also consider that alterations that are not inspected potentially invalidates any home insurance you have, and therefore any claims you may make later.

Q How much paperwork is involved?

None, we take care of all of that for you, completely.  I should point out that the Council charge a fee to visit and inspect building works, the actual amount is set and can be found on their websites. We will incorporate that into any quote you have from us.

Q Can you decorate the room once its built?

Of course, and we will carpet it, fit laminate, tile it or fit vinyl flooring such as Karndean or Amtico. Just tell us what you want during our survey and we can build that into your quote. We also have partnerships with soft furnishing and blind companies should you require them.

Q Can we visit a conversion you have done to see how good it is?

Absolutely. Just ask

Q; If we have other minor works that we’d like doing, could you do them for us at the same time.

Were always happy to take on additional work for our customers, and there is very little our team cannot do. However, we need to book the time taken to do these things into our programme, so the sooner you can let us know what your’e considering getting done the better.

Many of our customers have gone on to use us for additional extensions, kitchen refurbishments, bathroom replacements and other building work which we can schedule in.  Any additional work will always be quoted before we do it to ensure your fully aware of the costs.

Q I have some other things i need answering, how can i find out about them?

Simple, just drop us an e mail with your question OR fill in the details in the box to the right and type your question OR call our fab team on 01562 535113

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