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We do Superb Fixed Price Garage Conversions Completed in Just 5 days!!

Welcome to ‘The Best Garage Conversions’. If you’re looking for a different kind of building company, one that will offer the best advice and help you make decisions that will add value to your house without stressing you out, then congratulations, you’re in the right place!

We specialise in converting existing single or double garages into new TV rooms, kids playrooms, extended kitchens, bedrooms, home offices and even the occasional gym, and for single garages that become TV rooms, home studies or playrooms we can do it in one week! Guaranteed!

Our conversions start at £5420 plus VAT for a single conversion of an integral garage to a fully finished room suitable as a day room, TV room, kids play room, home office or study room or bedroom.

You’ll find loads of info on this site to help you get the best conversion for your home, info on how to choose a builder to do it, the costs and exactly whats involved. Get comfy and spend a few minutes going through our site. To help you, I’ve added loads of Free stuff for you to download which will mean you’ll probably know more about conversions than most builders!

If you’re just deciding whether a garage conversion is the right thing for you then our Free checklist of things you should consider in planning will help enormously. You can download it right now by filling in the form on the right.

If Trust as a BIG factor in getting the Builders in, then I think we fit ‘the bill‘! I’m an ex Army Officer and latterly a Police Officer.

Straight talking and honesty were key for those jobs and it’s no different now. As a result, the guys I have working for me ( and it took a while to get them I promise!) are switched on, dead good at what they do and are a pleasure to have working on your home.

Our conversion system enables us to complete a simple single garage conversion in just 5 days including decorating, Its’s that popular, many of our customers chose to get the work done when they go on holiday.


If you need more space by getting a play room, TV room, dining room, extended kitchen or an extra bedroom we can help....


It far easier, cheaper and quicker to add extra space to your home for whatever purpose you want; Extra room for the kids, a home office or a neat dining room.


The vast majority of conversions in England and Wales .don't require planning permission. This makes it very easy to get extra room in your home...

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