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Garage Conversion Planning Permission

This information relates specifically to Properties within England and Wales.

As a General rule almost all properties can have garage conversions without the need for Planning Permission, despite what some companies claim!. This is usually allowed on the basis that the actual size of the building is unchanged and that in itself is a good enough indicator that permission is not required.

Only 1 in 14 of our conversions require planning permission.

However, there are occasions when that does not apply, and these instances are usually related to the fact that the property is a listed building, in a National Park area or other area where changes to the property are locally restricted.

Another reason why permission may be required is that something called ‘permitted development rights’ have been removed from a property. This is still a rare occurrence but can occur in new houses on estates and those that have been significantly extended already.

Also , if you’re thinking of adding a walk in bay to your conversion that takes the front of the building line forward of where it is now, that will require a planning application.

The following link should give you further advice, and most councils have their own web page or advice line that you can contact if in doubt.

If your in any doubt we can check with your local authority on your behalf.

 Even if permission is required, we will do that on your behalf so you have nothing to worry about and we can do this in advance, just fill your details on the form!

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